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Red Shower Curtain 

Red Shower Curtain - A Simple Decorating Trick

Red shower curtain

Ready to add a little splash of color into a tired looking old bathroom? Red is a great color to add not only a bit of spice in your decorating theme but it can be a very warm and welcoming color as well.

For many bathrooms, the shower curtain becomes the first element that catches your attention when you walk into the bathroom – it becomes what decorators would call a focal point.

A red shower curtain can be used to set the theme for your bathroom and make an easier task of selecting the red bathroom accessories you use to complete your decorating theme.

One of the nice features of starting with a shower curtain is that you can give it a try, and if you decide you just don’t like the color, it’s quick, easy and inexpensive to change.

Secrets to Decorating with Red 

You have decided that you want to spice up the bathroom decor and you are thinking about using a little red but are afraid it may overwhelm your bathroom. Starting with your shower curtain as the focal point you can either use the color red as an accent color, or really make the room pop by featuring it as a primary color. Many bathrooms begin with white accessories so using a combination of white and red bathroom accessories is a natural.

To use red as an accent color, shop for a red shower curtain that is primarily white but has red accents. You can find white fabric shower curtains with stripes, floral prints or geometric patterns that will allow you to be subtle but still introduce red into your bathroom décor.  Check out these great looking bright red shower curtains that are strong but not overpowering. 

Red Bath Accessories – Tips on Bringing Your Design All Together 

Once you choose the particular material, color and patterns that you want in your shower curtain completing the rest of the bathroom décor become simple staying consistent with your theme throughout.

The other primary accessories- like bath towels, bath rugs and mats all must work together. That doesn’t mean you have to replicate exactly the same pattern colors, but you must choose a pattern and color that work with the primary theme.

For example, if you’re red shower curtain is primarily a white background with large geometric pattern you could go with white bath towels that have a complementary pattern in the same color but of a different size than in your shower curtain.

Other bathroom accessories like bath rugs, waste baskets, soap dishes and lotion dispensers are also great ways to add a little more color and do it inexpensively.

Red Shower Curtains - Color Schemes

One of the decisions you should make early on is whether you are going to stay with red as your primary color, and use the natural combination of red and white to work with the fixtures and likely the walls in your bathroom or if you want to introduce a third accent color like black or silver. If you are undecided you can take a look at the new Pantone color palettes that come out every year to get an idea about the latest new colors that are popular with decorators and homeowners.

Red and White Shower Curtain - Toile Pattern

Red and White Shower Curtain - Toile This beautiful red on white toile patterned shower curtain features a dark red patterns on a white background in the classic toile style.

Even thought this shower curtain features only a single color, like most classic toile patterns, the red and white color combination can be used with a variety of other color combinations in your bathroom bath - for example - black and white.