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Red Bathroom Accessories for Kids

Red Bathroom Accessories for Kids - A Few Tips to Make it Easy

Red Bathroom Accessories for Kids

Creating a room for our children can be fun and a great learning experience for both the child and the parent. Online you can find a wide variety of really fun cool bathroom kid’s bathroom accessories in red and every other color you can imagine.

Whether you are decorating with red, black, pink, or your child’s favorite color if you keep the following tips in min it will help the decorating process go more smoothly.

Red Bathroom Accessories – Themes 

The first step is to choose a theme that you want to work with, this makes the entire project a lot simpler. Choosing a theme is usually a pretty simple process; just take a look at the TV shows or characters that your child talks about all the time.

Just a word of caution here – if you make the theme too specific – your child’s bathroom décor may soon be out of date. Kid’s favorites change very quickly, especially when they are at a younger age.

Once you choose a main theme, whether it’s a Disney character or a Barbie theme, don’t overdo it. The simplest and usually relatively inexpensive way to create a theme in a child’s bathroom is to choose a shower curtain base on the theme.

Then color coordinate other bathroom accessories like bathroom towels and bath rugs and mats without repeating the theme. It’s easy to make the bath décor too busy if you repeat the theme on every accessory.

Red Bath Accessories – Tips on Using Paint

Once you have chosen a new shower curtain, take the curtain down to your favorite local paint store and ask them to match the primary color or one of the accent colors in the shower curtain.  We recommend that you limit using the paint color as an accent to one wall. Four bright red walls may be a bit much, even for your kids.

Another option is to use the primary color and create an accent stripe on the wall or an accent border. You can also use a wainscot approach and paint the bottom third of the wall with the desired color and use a wall paper border at the top of the paint to create a natural barrier with a change in color and texture.

Red Bath Accessories – Wallpaper - Focal Point or Accent

Another great idea for creating a focal point in your kid’s bathroom is to use wallpaper – which is available that features all types of characters. If you are using wall paper to set the stage you can use shower curtains and other accessories as complementary accents, not the primary eye catcher, so more subtlety is called for. Again, you don’t want too many areas in your bathroom competing for attention, just one primary focal point and then complementary bathroom accessories.

Kids Bathroom Accessories – Keep it Simple 

No matter what age your child is, their tastes are going to change and change quickly. Planning ahead by creating a bathroom décor that is easy and inexpensive to change is a good idea. Shower curtains, paint, bath towels, and other small accessories like waste baskets are great ideas for bath accessories that allow you to easily move on to the next theme when the time is right.