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Red Bath Towel

Red Bath Towel – The Red Essential Bathroom Accessory for Color and Comfort 

Red bath towel - white stripe

Open up your linen closet, take a look inside, and evaluate your bath towels. Some are probably, let’s be kind, “past their prime”, some are faded, and some just don’t really match anything else in your bathroom - your old look or you new design.

The key as you create a new look is to think about how your old bath towels might work in combination with a few new red bath towels that you are going to use to perk up the color in your bathroom.

You always want to use what you already have if you can; it’s easier on the budget.

Besides their obvious role – drying you off, red bathroom accessories like bath towels can play an essential role in creating a new decorating theme or look for your bathroom. Don’t be afraid to use the variety of textures and color combinations available today.

Bright Red Towels

Red bath towels

Already have a new set of white bath towels you bought last spring when they were on sale, how about adding a few bright red bath towels to complement the white bath towels.

Bright red bath towels are a great way to inexpensively introduce a color that will immediately brighten up your bathroom. Bright red hand towels can work well with you white bath towels and are also a great idea.

Red and White Bath Towels 

A bright red bath towel just not your decorating style but you still want to add a little red color in your bathroom? Red and white bath towels are a simple solution. You can go with a simple design that features a solid white background and a small red border, a light red print, or a bright red geometric design – it just depends on your personal taste.

Red and Black Bath Towels 

Red and black is a classic sophisticated color combination that you shouldn’t shy away from. You can find 100% cotton bath towels, organic bath towels or even bamboo bath towels in patterns that feature cherry blossoms and other floral patterns, strips, borders and other designs to suite your taste. Black and red bath towels can help easily create a modern or classic motif in any bathroom

Red Bath Towels – Display for Effect 

Once you decide on the color selection you want give a little thought to how you are going to display your bathroom towels – yes I said display. Don’t limit yourself to simply hanging your favorite bright red bath towels on a towel bar, how about placing them on a shelf to add a little color on anther wall of your bathroom.

By displaying your towels on a shelf you get the opportunity to introduce a combination of colors, textures and materials to brighten up your bathroom.    Don’t limit yourself to just bath towels, you can add in hand towels and wash clothes as well.

Mix and match a few new designs that won’t work well hanging together but look great stacked together. I love floral and paisley prints along with my traditional stripe patterns.

Red Bath Towels – A Few of Our Favorites

MARTEX 100-percent Egyptian Cotton Loops Bath Towel

These red bath towels are made from 100% Egyptian cotton, so you know they are soft, and feature the Martex Dryfast Technology for quick drying.

Nautica J Class Red Wash Towel

Bleach safe, a nice feature for all the wet accessories in you r bathroom, these towels feature hollow core lops that help to create a softer towel that absorbs more water.

Garnet Hill Signature Red Bath Towels

Featuring 600 Gram long staple Egyptian cotton, it's hard to beat these to beat these towels for softness and comfort.

Horchow Bath Towel

If you are shopping for a truly elegant bath towel featuring Turkish cotton towels for comfort and water absorption make sure you take a look at these. The elegant design for each towel set is made from a unique artist's sketch that is used to digitally create a design for the towel set.

Garnet Hill 800-Gram Cotton Red Bath Towels

If you are shopping for a red bath towel that will make you think you are relaxing in your favorite spa - check out these towels. Manufactured by using combed 800 Gram Egyptian cotton, these towels are about as soft as you are going to get.

Red Bath Towels – Add Color, Texture and Style in Your Bathroom

Now that you have a few basic design ideas take a look online and see what type of red bath towels catch your eye. No matter what style, color combination, or pattern of red bath towel you are looking for from bright red to red stripes you can find it online.