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Red Bath Rugs

RED BATH RUGS - Perfect Choice to Add Color

Red bath rugs  

Looking to add some more color into your bathroom? You have already picked out the perfect red shower curtain and matching set of red bath towels an you are ready for the next step in this budget conscious make over.

Red bathroom accessories like red bath mats or red bathroom rugs and accessories are the perfect way to add still more color and compliment you new décor.

Bright Red Bath Rugs 

A new bright red bathroom rug or bright red bath mat not only allows you to add color and texture into your bathroom, but you also use a bathroom rug or mat to create a secondary focal point or to draw attention to an area or away from an area in your bathroom.  Every great decorator has to resort to misdirection occasionally to draw attention away from an area that you just can’t do much with.

While you are shopping for a new bath mat don’t just focus on the color. Bath mats today are available in a variety of different materials that vary greatly in terms of the safety, comfort, and longevity they provide.

Red Bath Mat Set – Memory Foam 

Red Bath Rugs - Patterned

For comfort, it’s hard to beat a red bath mat set made from new memory foam. They are really very comfortable to stand on and come in great new designs and color combinations from red and black bath mats to a more classic looking red and white bath mat.   

These bath mats are SO cushiony and soft, just make sure the bath mat comes with a skid resistant backing.

Red Bathroom Rugs – 100% Egyptian Cotton

For soft comfort and traditional elegance 100% Egyptian cotton bath mats are an excellent choice. Ultra soft Egyptian cotton feels really really nice on bare feet and does a great job of absorbing water as well.

Red Bath Rug – Bamboo 

Looking for a different look?  Today’s bamboo bath mats offer great water resistance, slip proof backing, and wear very well – just the thing to add that “zen spa experience” to your bathroom. They are simple to clean as well.

Red Bathroom Rugs – Organic Cotton 

Yes, we can be green even in the bathroom, or make that especially in the bathroom. Online you can find a great selection of natural and organic bath mats and rugs that are eco-friendly. Pottery Barn features a nice line of extremely soft organic bath rugs that are textured for extra lushness. 

They offer medium and large size organic bath mats in a nice red oak color that will coordinate with a variety of different decors from traditional to contemporary.