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Red Bath Accessories

Red Bath Accessories - Fun to Decorate With 

Red Bath Accessories

Red is one of my favorite colors to decorate with, whether it’s in the bathroom, the bedroom or the family room. Like most bright bold colors, however, a little bit of red goes a long way. Moderation is the key, especially when decorating a small area like your bathroom.

One way to make sure you don’t overdo the color is to use red as an accent color. Of course you can also use it in combination with other colors.  

Red and white bathroom accessories and red and black bathroom accessories are always a classic color combination that can compliment decors from French country cottage to contemporary or modern. Adding a third accent color allows you more flexibility as you coordinate all of the bathroom accessories.

The basic red bathroom accessories – your shower curtain, towels and bath rugs and bath mats are of course a great way to make big bold statements with color patterns and texture. You can also add color with a small can of paint by adding a red accent strip or border onto a white background for just a very few dollars and a little bit of your time.

But there are also a variety of other very nice bath accessories to help you introduce color and add a little fun into your bathroom, because let’s face it, red is a fun color.  

Red Shower Curtain - Organic Cotton to Bamboo 

A red shower curtain, or even better, a bright red shower curtain, is the simplest quickest and can be low cost decorating touch you can add to your bathroom that will immediately make the your bathroom come alive with color.

You can find great red shower curtains online made from a variety of different materials from fabric shower curtains to organic cotton and red bamboo shower curtains. The different materials allow you not only to introduce color but add texture and warmth as well.

Red Bath Towel - Disney prints to 100% Egyptian Cotton

Whether you are looking for a Disney print for the kid’s bathroom or a rich royal red 100% Egyptian cotton bath towel with black or red accent colors that will transport you to your favorite spa you can find them online.

Make sure you check your current inventory of bath towel first to see if you can’t mix and match as you add new color. Layering different bath towels is a great way to create a unique look for your bathroom.

Red Bath Rugs and Mats - Bacteria Resistant

Still using those old style bathroom rugs that are prone to harboring bacteria and mildew? WHY? There are great new synthetic materials a natural materials like organic cotton and bamboo that are great for using in the bathroom.

The new materials dry out more easily than the old cottons are the bamboo an organics are much more resistant to bacteria developing.  You can use a large bright red bath rug to create a pint of attention in your bathroom or a grouping of smaller red bath mats to do the same thing.

Experiment not only with the colors and materials but shapes and sizes as well.  Round bat mats, oblong bath rugs, square or rectangular bath mats or even irregularly shaped re bath mats are available to fit any style and shape of bathroom.

Red Bath Spa Accessories - Spa Time

Want to really step up your design look and fully coordinate a great looking theme? Don’t forget the small accessories that are available to help create a consistent design style and look.

   Red Bathroom Trash Can

A simple way to add a little more color and coordinate all of your accessories. Even if it’s just tucked away in a corner beside your vanity it’s a chance to add more color without overwhelming the room.

   Red Tissue Boutique

It’s a small decorative box that provides a cover for your tissue box but can be made to stand out with the right bright red color.

   Red Lotion Pump

Another handy accessory that can be use to add a little pop of red into your bathroom.

  Red Soap Dish

Every bathroom has one, may as well make it decorative and add some color.

Red Bathroom Accessory Sets

All of these bath accessories can be found in a many different shades and hues red and other accent colors like black, white, gold or gray. A simple way to coordinate not only your colors but your patterns and textures as well is to shop for red bathroom accessory sets where someone has already done all the hard work for you.

If you are looking to feature red as your primary color or you just want to add a little dash of color using red bath accessories – you will find a great selection online.