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Color Wheels - Decorating with Red 

A good starting point is what is known as the color wheel, illustrated on this page. You will see
that it consists merely of the colors of the spectrum, or the rainbow, arranged in a circular
fashion. This simple chart can be used to illustrate the main relationships of color. An understanding
of these relationships can be very helpful when choosing furnishings, wallcoverings, paints, and
other red bath accessories particularly when working with a strong color. 

Color Wheel

The primary colors each appear about a third of the way around the wheel: red, yellow, and
blue. Between the primary colors lie·the secondary colors, all of which can be made up of combina­
tions of two of the basic primary colors. So, green, falling between blue and yellow, is made
from combining these two colors. Violet is made from combining red and blue and therefore lies
between them on the wheel. In the same way, the secondary shade of orange is made from combining red and yellow and falls between these two colors on the chart.

Of course, this is only a diagram and therefore a very great simplification of the color scene. As
you go around the wheel, there are innumerable shades which occur, according to which of the
primary colors dominates the color mixture. For example, on one side of the secondary shade of
violet there is red violet, adjacent to the primary of red with red dominating. It's a great tool for matching your favorite shade of red bath towels with your red shower curtain. And on the other side
there is blue violet adjacent to the primary of blue and with blue dominating. If we were seeing a
greater degree of accuracy, there would be an enormous number of shades for this violet section
alone; but for the purpose of this diagram, they have been simplified to those shown on the wheel.

Using the color diagram, various principles can be applied to help you in color selection for
home furnishing and decoration.